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Stay active in and around our frosty playground!

Fox Glacier village is just a lovely quiet wee village that just happens to have a most spectacular glacier on its doorstep. Which is the reason most of you folk travel here.
“You could then just open the door and jump out. Highly recommend this activity – only at Fox.”
So you find yourself at the mighty Fox Glacier… Now What? Well first things first, for heaven sake give yourself some time – holidays are hard work, and you need to allow a little time to reflect. We are a good spot for that! The reason most folk come to the Fox is the amazing lump of ice on our doorstep. It’s 13 kms long and you can walk on it, Fly over it, Ski on it or just have a wee look at it.
There is only one company that can take you on to the Glacier (link below) these folks have been operating at Fox longer than most of us can remember and I cant recall them losing anyone as yet.

Fox Glacier Guides –

Local Walks and Tracks

There are several very good walks in the area and Gillespie’s beach, so rather than copy what has already been written once again I include a link to the local glacier site.

Heli Hikes

Well this is the fun one you get to fly in a helicopter and they drop you at the middle of the glacier which is more interesting than the lower part and of course the heli copter cuts out all that walking.

More Information – Visit

Ice Climbing Day

Got a spare day!! Need some excitement in your life!!! Well this is the trip just do it it’s the best
The guides kit you out with all the flash gear and you get to learn how to play on the ice, so book well in advance and give yourself a real treat.

More Information – Visit

Chancellor dome adventure

Well it just gets better (and more expensive) this is a real adventure so suggest you get on there website and check all there trips out!

More Information – Visit

Lake Matheson

Oops I nearly forgot Lake Matheson possible the most photographed lake in NZ.
The two best times to see the lake would be early morning or late in the evening but if the weather is clear anytime is fine.

Scenic Flights

Perhaps you fancy taking a nice relaxing scenic flight over the Glacier, climbing to 12.000ft admiring the top of Mt Cook looking over the Tasman Ocean, and seeing the magnificent rain forest. You could then just open the door and jump out. Highly recommend this activity – Tandem Parachute jumps – only at Fox.

Sky dive the Fox glacier

There are many places to skydive in N.Z but there are not many as spectacular as Fox This would have to be the rolls Royce of parachute jumps and again comes under the category of just do it.

Scenic Flights

Our other main attraction would be the scenic flights over the Southern Alps.
There are four major companies all of them are good and I have included there websites for you. But we can give you more info on your arrival.